Sheffield man seeks female ballroom dance partner

Sheffield gent is seeking a female partner around 50 years old, to social dance with.  I have been ballroom dancing since 2000, but would be happy to start from the beginning with the right partner.

city hall sheffield
city hall sheffield

I am 50 years old and am looking for a female within 2/3 years of my age either way.  I don’t want anybody in a relationship, because to me is should be one of the most important things a couple in a relationship should do.

I have learnt every ballroom dance out there, but would need to refresh on them.  I still have to learn the Argentinian Tango and really need a partner who is slim and supple.  I am 5’10 and of athletic build and require a partner closer to 5’6″.

I can go in the Sheffield city Hall Tea dance and dance with 10 ladies in an afternoon, but I want to focus on all the ballroom dances and have been missing out on the Latin American dances that I like, I love the Cha Cha Cha.

I am looking to both learn with a lady partner and to go social dancing at Blackpool Tower, Scarborough Spa and Sheffield city Hall.  I need somebody who is willing to take their turn to drive.

If you are looking for a Sheffield male to social ballroom dance with, please contact me



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