Godwinks synchronicity and coincidences

I have been having coincidences in my life since birth, but it wasn’t until I read a book by SQuire Rushnell that I started to take notice of them.  SQuire recommends that you write down any coincidences on a daily basis and that will draw your attention to more.

morning full moon
morning full moon

I have read about some amazing coincidences, but also had some strange ones of my own.  When I went to America on a personal development course at Sedona, I had to change flights in Chicago, the first American I spoke to had a niece at Sheffield University back home.  On the flight across America, I was sat next to this really interesting American guy and we never stopped talking all through the journey.

On the way back from from Arizona to Heathrow, same again I had to change flights in Chicago.  I wasn’t allowed on my plane, even though I got there on time and had to stay over night in a hotel.  I happened to share a taxi to the hotel with an American Marine who was based closed to my brother in law in Norfolk back home.  I had another interesting journey from Chicago to Heathrow, sat next to an Afghan, who was visiting his brother in London, before picking his Pakistani bride up and then going back to live in America.

I have had thousands of amazing coincidences in my life.  They can increase when there is great change in your life, or you need positive signs from god when things aren’t quite how they should be.

You can increase you chance of positive coincidences in your life by changing your mind talk.  You can ask yourself the question “How do I have more positive coincidences to prove my life is moving in the right direction?”or say to yourself “I am having more and more positive coincidences proving to me that my life is going in the right direction”.  Questions and positive affirmations have to be repeated many times to yourself to get the answer you are looking for, it depends how keen you are.

Some coincidence will just be down to probability, but many others make one wonder, what is going off beneath in the tapestry of life.

I would love to hear about your positive coincidences in your life!

All the best



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