“Every day in every way I am getting better and better” Emile Coue

I came across Emile Coues work many years ago and when I read his books from the 1920’s, it makes me think the health profession has gone backwards.  There isn’t much money to be made out of people thinking positive about their health as it erodes the profits of the big multi nationals.  Too many doctors choose to give people a pill, rather than talk to them and deal with the real issues.

Scarborough harbour
Scarborough harbour

Emile Coue was a French pharmacist, who found out that when he gave people sugar pills to clients, they came back and claimed they had been healed.  It worked by Placebo.

Emile Coue then came up with the suggestion “Every day in every way, I am getting better and better”. By repeating this affirmation to yourself, it gradually changes your subconscious mind and heals the part of your body that has an issue.  Even if you don’t know which body part is troubling you “in every way” isolates the organ and heals it.

You need to repeat this suggestion to yourself either out loud or quietly, 50 times every evening and morning.  You can also do it throughout the day while in a quiet moment.  There are 100’s of accounts of people dealing with illness in Emile Coues books.  Be persistent for a month or two to get the best results.

Taking pills isn’t the answer to disease in the long term, it doesn’t cure, it only masks the problem.  If people used Emile Coues suggestion correctly it would destroy the profits of the big pharmaceutical companies.  Many people are just too lazy to do Emile’s simple suggestion and look for a pill being the be all and end all of things.  I am certainly unhappy that in many cases doctors of the NHS prescribe pills for depression as a first line of intervention, rather than dealing with the real cause.

My dad had migraines for 50 years.  He used every pill and saw every expert in the NHS about his issue, each pill gave him a different side effect and didn’t stop his migraines.

After retiring the intensity and frequency of his migraines increased.  At this point he asked me for help and after 3 sessions of Hypnotherapy and daily use of a tailor made Hypnotherapy recording, his migraines disappeared.  Which tells me all I need to know.

Use this prescription at your own risk, at the very least use it in parallel with the treatment you are currently having for any illness.  Let me know how you are going on?

Emile’s Coues formulae could be used for other goals, if amended.

All the best

Think positive




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