North Anston Ryton DIY

You will find a great little DIY store at the bottom of the Baulk in North Anston, run by Deborah and Kevin Kavaner. The store sells anything you would need for DIY and home improvement.

Ryton Diy North Anston
Ryton Diy North Anston

As you come into Anston under the Iron bridge, you will find Ryton DIY on the left hand side of the road, across from Anston house. If you are an Anstonian, it was the old dentist, that closed many years ago.

You can pull your car off the road and park in front of Anston DIY.

Anston DIY has been open for a number of years now, supplying anything you need for home improvement and many items for your garden. If they don’t have the product in the store, they will order you the item next time they go to the wholesaler. Their prices are very reasonable and competitive with the larger stores.

Kevin has lived in Anston all his life and also does contract work for the council and DIY improvements on your house. I recently saw him adding UPVC to somebodies house on Nursery crescent.

Support your local DIY store in North Anston, I prefer more local businesses, rather than these large DIY stores that kill local businesses.

You can contact Ryton Anston DIY on 01909 567042.

The store is open every day but Monday. 9am to 5pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. 10am to 2 pm Sunday.

All the best





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