Modern Jive Ceroc Sheffield Anston and Dinnington

I live in Anston and the best place I have found to do modern jive is at the Davy’c club in Darnall Sheffield.  I went there for about 12 months.

It costs about £8 to dance and then you get about two to three hours dancing.

Davy United
Davy United

When you are a beginner, you go along to the beginners class for a hour.  The advanced class starts a hour later and if you are a beginner you carry on with that class, whereas the more advanced ones can move into the intermediate class.

It probably takes 4 to 8 weeks to move into the intermediate class, dependent on your previous dance experience.

Once the classes are over there is 1 to 2 hours free style, where you can dance with anybody you like.  It is suggested that the ladies also approach men and ask or a dance, that’s equality.   It is a very friendly place to dance.

Ceroc is just a branding name.  Other modern jive schools have different names for it.

I am not sure if are doing an exhibition at this years Sheffield chance to dance

While modern jiving at Davy’s on Prince of Wales in Sheffield, I also danced at other venues, getting as far away as Sutton in Ashfield, Doncaster and also up to Blitz at Crookes, which is another good place to learn.

My preference is ballroom dancing due to the variety, but I had some great times doing modern jive at the Davy’s social club.  My next ambition is to learn the Argentinian Tango when I have a suitable dance partner.

All the best





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