Anston stones walk.

This is a youtube video of pictures I took on my walk through Anston stones.  Starting off at the row of shops across from the Cutler pub at the top of the Baulk in Anston.  The stream you can hear, is a recording I did from the river Ryton in the stones.

I take you through the old part of Anston through the Wells and into the stones.  Keep the river on the right hand side of you all the way there.  You can actually find paths on the other side of the river which is more tricky. I take you up to the A57 to show you the lay bye you can stop at.   Rather than going up to the A57, go straight over the concrete bridge and up the high steps.

Either side of the gorge you will find limestones craggs, which are much larger than those at Cresswell Craggs, but hidden behind trees.

Once you get up the steps, I managed to take a picture of a moth, but can’t find out what it is.  Please let me know if you know what it is called, it could be rare, I don’t know.

You can also go on flicker to see each of my pictures in the video if you prefer.

All the best





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