My 4 point plan for the resurrection of English football.

It should have come as no surprise England’s poor performance in the World Cup.  Only 30% of time played in the EPL is by British born players.   This has to be the number 1 point on my plan, limit the number of non UK players to 2/3 on the pitch at any one time.

Point No1 Limit foreign players at English clubs


I am all for sensible immigration, but not uncontrolled and the same goes for football players.

English football clubs haven’t wanted to spend money developing young English players and have poached players that have already had the time and money spent on them from abroad.  It is purely down to greed and an insult to our young players.  It’s a little bit like companies bringing in Polish engineers and plasterers, because they couldn’t be bothered to train our young in apprenticeships.

Point No2.  Limit wages to 30% of turnover

Football needs to get its act in order from a financial point of view.  Even the Championship has a 1 billion debt across all the clubs in it.  Limit the wages to 30% of turnover.   This would then allow 30% to be spent on the youth network and 30% on the ground redevelopment over time.  This would leave 10% profit, which could be re-invested back in the clubs if they are a trust.

Point No3  Trust ownership of English clubs

Foreign ownership of clubs isn’t good for English football.  As clubs go to the wall, the supporters need to go out and buy the clubs and stop them falling back into foreign ownership.  Thankfully Portsmouth have done this.  I haven’t watched Sheffield Wednesday since Milan Mandaric took them over and will be less likely with the new owner.

Point No4 Re-introduce safe standing

Bring back safe standing.  As soon as fences were removed, the major issue went

Bramall Lane Kop
Bramall Lane Kop

away.  Bringing in all seater stadiums was greedy and laziness when it came to managing crowds.

All seating doesn’t allow flexibility from week to week and has created soul less stadiums.

If the FA were brave enough to ensure the above 4 points were actioned, there would be a massive turn around in the fortunes of English football over the next 10 years.  I suspect the FA would bottle it, money seems more important than the English national team and our youth, the football world especially Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool should be ashamed.

All the best




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