Surprise view, Hathersage, Castleton, Winnats pass, Mam Tor, Hollins cross, Shaking mountain pictures and walk

It was a beautiful night yesterday in the Peak district and I thought it was the perfect time to go for a walk and take the perfect picture.  I did the same thing last year when I had just purchased a new Cannon SX160 IS camera, but I now understand how to operate it better.

Surprise view Toads Mouth

You can park at the car park, which is a few hundred yards from the view.  The car park is free if you don’t go between 10am and 6pm, but the charges aren’t too excessive the rest of the time.  I think you need a payment card to operate the machine, I don’t think it takes cash.

The picture I took this time is a lot better than the one last year, you can see in both the video on youtube and the flicker gallery.  The only way I can improve on this picture is to come one morning as the sun is rising.  There is a slight haze across the valley, when the sun shines.


I then drove into Castleton and parked by the side of the road.  This is free other than weekends and bank holidays and I think these machines take cash rather than cards.  You can drive further up the road, to avoid paying for parking, if you are willing to risk the security of your car and don’t mind the walk.

Winnats Pass

I then walked up Winnats pass, taking pictures as I was going up and pictures in the reverse direction and all around the valley.  You can find all the pictures of the walk on my video and flicker links at the end of the post.  Turn off the sound on the youtube video, if you don’t like flowing water.

Mam Tor

Once up Winnats pass, you can find a footpath across to Mam Tor, I happened to miss it this time and ended up going the long way round, via the road.  It’s quite a steep climb up Mam Tor, but you will find steps.  It is well worth wearing decent hiking boots to protect your ankles.

Once at the top of Mam Tor, you can walk around the ridge and take in the view.  It feels as though it is only a step from one side of the valley to the other.  You will eventually come to Hollins cross which is the connecting point between Castleton and Edale.  You could carry on further around the valley and come down in Hope if you preferred.

Hollins Cross

The people of Edale who worked in the Mill at Castleton, used to have a hours walk every morning and evening.  If there was bad weather, they ended up sleeping with the machinery at work.  Before there was a burial ground in Edale, people used to carry the coffins between Edale and Castleton via Hollins croft.

At this point I dropped down into Castleton and you can see shaking mountain on the right, the road that used to run up it, is no longer passable.

As you get to the bottom of Hollins croft, there is a field of fox gloves, I don’t know if they are originally wild or have seeded from somebodies garden.

At some point you end up walking through a stream, before you get back on a footpath and road.  I passed by Hollowford outdoor centre before getting back into Castleton.

There was hardly a soul about in Castleton, but as I walked past a few pubs, I could see people sat outside drinking.  You may want to stop and have food or a drink in a local pub.  There are loads of nice cafes in the day time.  You can also see some of the many shops in Castleton and I have a few good pictures of Peveril castle.

It took me 2/3 hours to do the walk, but I was taking pictures and admiring the scenery.  Make sure you are dressed for the occasions and take fluids.

All the best




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