Yellow Shell moth Anston stones woods SSSI

Recently I took a photo of a yellow moth in Anston stones, the reason I know it was a moth rather than a butterfly is that it had no antenna.    However I couldn’t determine the type of moth it was, so I have been in contact with an expert, who confirms it as a Yellow Shell moth.

rare moth butterfly
rare moth butterfly

Ben Keywood of was the expert who helped me and this is his quote:-

“The moth is called Yellow Shell, it’s quite common in woodlands and meadows and it’s caterpillars eat a range of low growing plants like dandilion, dock and sorrel.  The moth itself is very variable and although it flies by night is frequently encountered during the day.”

Ben informs me that out of 58 species of butterfly found in UK, Anston Stones Woods has around 25 of them.  There are over 3000 moths in the Uk, which makes it more difficult to determine them.  When I compare the yellow shell moth I have against the other pictures on the web, they all look so different.


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