Chance to dance festival Sheffield 2014 program of events back with vengeance.

Chance to dance is back with vengeance all across Sheffield city centre on Saturday the 19th July, between 11am and 4:30pm.   There was no chance to dance in Sheffield in 2012 due to lack of funds and it restarted last year, but the program wasn’t as large as previous events.  This year the chance to dance program is back up to its normal standards.

Sheffield Star say the event has been cancelled due to the weather, lack of clear information on chance to dance web site.

city hall sheffield
city hall sheffield

You will find the full program of events at the end of this blog with times and venues.

There are a number of people who have done a lot of work behind the scenes and many dance groups have raised money to allow the event to be staged. There are five venues in Sheffield city centre

Barkers Pool, Tudor Square, Peace gardens, Leopold Square and The Moor.

There are so many different dances on display and you should be able to join in and learn after the initial demonstration.

Dance groups, Musical Theatre, Line dance, Tap and street dance, Latin American Folk, Contemporary dance, Nandawana Classical Indian, Romano Jilo Roma dance, Balkan Folk dance, Oriental belly dance, Street Jazz contemporary, Belly dance, Chinese classical folk, Rock fusion belly dance, Hip hop, Chinese dance, Tap&cheerleading, Street/ballet/jaz/tap, street dance/martial arts, South african dance and song, sequence/line/zumba, arabic folk, bollywood/belly dance, Capieora, Argentine Tango, Flamenco, Commercial street, Salsa, Rock&roll, pom pom and flag dancing, On broad way, Age active, hype dance

There will be anything from belly dancing through to Argentinian Tango.  Come along and enjoy yourself.  Dancing is a great way to keep fit, enjoy yourself, build confidence and meet new people. There will be a mass Salsa dance in the peace gardens at the end of the day, lead by Holly Knight and Nisha Lall. This is the full program of dance events at Chance to dance Sheffield 2014.  Click on the program to expand it.

Chance to dance 2014 programme of events sheffield
Chance to dance 2014 program of events Sheffield

” I am looking for a dance partner around the 50 age, who is looking to learn ballroom dancing and the Argentinian Tango, please get in contact if you are interested.  I have been ballroom dancing for over 10 years, but am willing to start from the beginning with the right partner.  I would like to focus more on the Latin American side of ballroom dancing and need an athletic partner.”

All the best Tim


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