What to do in and around Anston in Sheffield?

It is quite surprising what is going off in Anston, if you have a look around.  I am going to mention a number of events that happen every year in Anston and some places around here that may interest you to wet your appetite.

Pinders circus, Anston Greenlands park
Pinders circus, Anston Greenlands park

Pinders circus

Is becoming an annual event for children every May for about 2 days, parents invited if you are still a child at heart.  Hopefully you will support their event, to help keep tradition going in the UK.   Back end of Greenlands park.

Anston day

Happened last year and this year.  It is arranged by Anston parish council on the welfare grounds at the bottom of the Baulk.  It’s a community get together, bring your own picnic and there was a dance band this year.

Sheffield steam engine and traction fair.

Happens the last weekend every June off Radford Rd.   Vintage traction engines and farm equipment.  Fair ground rides and organs.  Stalls.  Vintage car displays.

Anston Stones Wood

A beautiful place to walk, with many rare species of butterfly and moth.  A site of Special scientific interest.  Rivals Cresswell Craggs.

Old Anston.

If you go down back lane you will find out how Anston used to look in the past.  You will find Anston Wells.  Why not visit Anston history society and find out more.

Anston Green

Behind the Pond shops.   The pond shops used to be where the stables were for Anston hall, which you will find a bit further on.  You will also find Greenlands Park at the end of this road.

Chesterfield canal

Passes through the edge of Anston and can be accessed from South Anston.  Anston had many quarries and the stone was used in the houses of Parliament.  Stone from Anston was transported down the Chesterfield canal on the way to London.

There is so much to find and do in Anston, if you dig a little beneath the surface.

Keep coming back to my blog and I will tell you a little more about Anston and what you can do around it.

All the best






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