A57 crossroads vacant Plaxtons site for sale Anston Town centre and civic area for the village

Anston has increased from 3K of people in the early 1960’s to 10,000 people in 2014 and we now have less shops and are reliant on always shopping somewhere else.  The old Plaxtons coach site has come up for rent and would be an ideal place to build a super market or Town centre for the village.


The Plaxton’s site can be bought or rented and is 2.3 acres in size.  If you are a property developer or supermarket chain, please purchase the site and provide the village with the facilities it needs.  The site will cost you little more than a millions pounds, the cost of a average home in London.

The Plaxton’s site belongs to an oversee property portfolio and is currently on the market with Cheetham and Mortimer of Manchester.  You can ring them on 0161 832 3375.

I am disappointed that the planning department of RMBC haven’t tried to encourage property developers to come along and purchase the land and build decent shops and facilities for Anston.

We need shops and facilities, rather than new houses in Anston.  It isn’t a good place to build houses due to the previous use of the site and the noise and traffic pollution on the busy A57.

All the best




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