Welbec Hall and Worksop Manor

I live at Anston.  There is a nice cycle through Whitwell avoiding all the traffic.  If you then head for Welbec Garden centre you can pick up the track around the back of Welbec Hall and if you carry on into Worksop you will find Worksop Manor.

Welbec Hall

Welbec gates Worksop
Welbec gates Worksop

Turn left onto the concrete road just before Welbec Garden centre and head around the back of Welbec House.  You can see the turrets and towers of the beautiful maintained Welbec house.  You can get access to Welbec house, through history groups and on special occasions.  There are supposed to be tunnels built all under the estate and a ballroom under ground.

The Regal gate you see on the picture on this post, isn’t on the route I went today, you will find else where if you head through Worksop on the way to Clumber house.

After you have come around the back of Welbec house, you will see the lakes to the house and beautiful weeping willow type trees at the side of it.   You then come onto open farm land and I managed to take a picture of a butterfly, I am not sure if it is a Small heath or another species.  There was also a black butterfly that I couldn’t take a picture of, it never stopped moving.

Carry on up the track and you will come to workers homes on the estate.  You will also find a old fashioned gate house for the estate turned into homes.  Pick up the path for Worksop and you will pass Worksop Manor.

Worksop Manor

I understand that Worksop Manor is only a fraction of the old house and the house you now see has been made out of the old stables, correct me if I am wrong.  Same again this is a private house and part of a managed estate.

There is some beautiful countryside around here, even though it is farmed, they set land aside for wild life.  I have bumped into the odd hare around here.

At this point you need to climb across a stile and go down the side of the field.  You will end up crossing the busy A57 bypass around Worksop, before you come to an allotment site and beautiful estate, which brings you into the middle of Worksop, where the main roundabout is on the A57.

It is quite a complicated route, but well worth the time getting lost and finding.  I got lost and had to ask for directions the first time I used this route.  It can be difficult getting your mountain bike over the stiles.

I hope you enjoy this flicker album  www.flickr.com/photos/timawells/sets/72157645398282693

If you need more information let me know.

All the best




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