Dinnington area regeneration trust (D.A.R.T) Middleton Hall

I was involved with Dinnington area regeneration trust (D.A.R.T) for many years.  I think it is now called Middleton Community care.   The original Middleton Institute was renovated by Barry Bott, Nick Summerbell and a number of others.  A further extension was added to the building to add a number of other facilities.

Middleton Hall, Barleycroft Lane
Middleton Hall, Barley croft Lane

The original Church hall was purchased for £50K from a grant.  A further grant of about £20K provided materials.  Labour was then provided free by a pool of 20 volunteers.

The building has since been extended with another grant, but this time the Labour wasn’t free.

Barry Bott has a physically challenged grand son, so the building was well catered for from a disabled point of view.  You will find a ramp into the building and a disabled toilet.

There is a monthly family cinema club, films are shown on a big screen in the building.  There are modern kitchen facilities and local businesses can also have conferences or other events there.  Local groups of all kinds can use the facilities for a modest fee.  The extension can also cater for a children’s creche, I am not sure whether this facility is currently used.

Local bands can also use the recording studio in the building.  The premises can also be used for dancing and disco’s.  There is also sprung dance floor.

What ever you community or private use is for Middleton Community hall, get in touch and see how they can help you?

Contact details 01909 567439  info@dinnington.org

All the best




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