Tour de France Sheffield Stage 2 Sunday July 6th 2014 route and times

The long awaited Tour de France stage 2 will be this Sunday the 6th July in Sheffield.  I have summarised the information you need, the route and times.  I have been that busy out cycling myself, it is the first time I have even thought about the Tour de France.  If I was thinking about catching a stage this Sunday, I would take a good point on Jenkin Rd at Wincobank in Sheffield.

This is the Sheffield route.

Mortimer Road > Penistone Road > Brown House Lane > Kirk Edge Road > Haggstones Road > Burton Lane > Church Street > Bridge Hill > Station Lane > Oughtibridge Lane > Skew Hill Lane > Salt Box Lane > Halifax Road > Penistone Road North > Leppings Lane > Hewrries Road > Shirecliffe Road > Rutland Road > Minna Road > Burngreave Road > Gower Street > Sutherland Street > Savile Street East > Brightside Lane > Upwell Street > Holywell Road > Jenkin Road > Newman Road > Barrow Road > Meadowhall Road > Meadowhall Way > Vulcan Road > Sheffield Road > Attercliffe Common.

And the times at the various stages through Sheffield.  A promotional procession will pass along the route before the event and there are times for the different speed of competitors.   Click on the map to enlarge and find out the race times in Sheffield.

Tour de France schedule Sheffield
Tour de France schedule Sheffield

I reckon Jenkin Rd will be the best area to catch the cyclists as they will be coming up a steep climb at 15 miles an hour, the rest of the route they will just whiz past.  You will find the Finish at the Motor Point arena.

It looks like we British have found a sport we are actually good at.  Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France in 2012 and Chris Froome in 2013.  I think it is time for a Tour de England race.

Hopefully the Tour de France will encourage even more Brit’s to cycle and improve the health of the nation.


All the best





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