Tour de France Cote de Wincobank Jenkin Rd Sheffield Yorkshire pictures and video

I was stood half way up Jenkin Rd today to watch the Tour de France and managed to get this video of the leaders which I have added to Youtube.  I have also added a flicker gallery of pictures I took.

I felt really proud to be a Sheffielder and Yorkshireman today, to see the people to turn out in such huge numbers to support and watch the Tour de France.  It was absolutely packed on the Cote de Wincobank and I bet they have never had so many visitors.

We Yorkshire folk are proud of our county and did it proud the last two days.  If only the Olympics had been shared fairly around the country, rather than London, what a boost the whole country would have received.

Hopefully the people of Sheffield can carry this positive feeling into their life’s and lets make the city the place we all believe it to be.  Hopefully this will promote us in the best light to the world and bring in more tourists and decent well paid jobs.

Hopefully the Tour de France in Sheffield will encourage more to get out on their bikes, get fit and reduce pollution in the city.

All the best






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