Fracking around S25 Anston and Dinnington Sheffield Southyorkshire

I am still holding judgement on it and this is my analysis so far.  I have broken my analysis down to pollution, earth quakes and environmental damage.

How safe is fracking?

Pollution and environmental damage

Bluebell wood Kiveton
Bluebell wood Kiveton

I came to Anston in 1966 and in those days there used to be a massive coal tip and my mother used to have to clean off specs of coal dust from window frames and windows.  We also used to experience small amounts of subsidence and cracks in plaster work.  Coal mining stopped in Dinnington around 1985 onwards.

To start with it will be necessary to use a small tower when first drilling down to the deposits, but later this will be replaced with a small derrick.  Not exactly damage to the environment.

Earth quakes.

Small millimeter cracks are created in the rock to allow the oil or gas to be released.  In no way would this cause earth quakes, it has to be natural environmental activity a coincidence and not a result of fracking around Blackpool and the North West.

Water table pollution

At the moment there is a geological survey going off to find where all the under ground lakes are, so this can be super imposed across the fracking deposits.  Yes there are over laps, but they will need to drill through the water table to get down to the oil and gas deposits.  Pumping chemical into the ground concerns me, but deep coal mining must have effected our water supply over the years.  If we can ensure that the chemicals don’t get into our water supplies I am all for fracking.

Deposits and sustainability.

There are massive amounts of oil and gas which will help us to become a more sustainable country and not reliant on the unstable middle east.  This time I would like to see any profits go back into finding sustainable energy solutions not frittered away on needless projects, that bring no real benefit to the country.  Rather than people being dependent on the state through welfare, I would like to see a fairer living wage of £10 paid.

I am slowly being convinced that fracking is the way forward and not to evaluate further and adopt if safe, would be stupid.

All the best




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