Global warming scam of Al Gore and company

I used to believe that man was causing global warming until I worked for a Carbon management company in Anston and found it to be untrue.  I will tell you why Global warming is a scam.

Are Humans increasing the temperature of the earth and causing Man Made Global warming (AGW Anthropogenic Global Warming)?

AL Gore inconvenient truth

Small heath butterfly?
Small heath butterfly?

When I first started working for a carbon management company in 2006 I was a total believer.  I sold 90K of business within a 9 month period.  I was then given a free video by Al Gore called the “Inconvenient truth” which I fell asleep to, but the frog in an hot pan comes in useful when doing Stress management courses.  Al Gore is an hypocrite of massive proportions, rather than lecturing others, he should sell some properties, get rid of cars and reduce his own carbon footprint.  The same applies to Prince Charles, who jets all around the world, far more than others.

Climatic change

After this I came across an alternative view of global warming on C4 or C5.  I was watching this film to ridicule it and ended up watching it to the end.   It was pointed out that the UK was warmer in the Romans times, dipped in the dark ages when the Thames froze over and there was no sunspot activity.   But the clincher for me was when Nigel Lawson said, that Margaret Thatcher gave money to University and academical people who could prove the link between coal and global warming, so that she could shut down coal mines.

I then started to analyse further information on the Internet and came to the conclusion that Global warming was a scam, created to tax via stealth and create many worthless jobs.  When I first started working for the Carbon Management company, the staff used to smoke in the office, but when I started, they decided to smoke outside.  It made me laugh that they were more concerned about Co2, than the damage smoking was doing to their health and lungs.  Everybody other than me smoked at the Carbon Management company and a younger colleague started smoking after they started there.

I couldn’t sell Carbon trust surveys after finding out that AGW was a scam and had to eventually leave, it is difficult to sell something you don’t believe in.

Peak temperature versus Maunder minimum

The peak of world temperatures was in 1998, which means that there has been no warming for 16 years.  The sun goes through cycles and was at a major peak up to 1998.  The opposite of the Maunder period is the dark ages when there was no sun spot activity.

Artic and antartic sea ice

We have massive amounts of sea ice in the Antartic which is at it’s peak since records began and sea ice is recovering in the Artic.   There have been periods in history when Greenland has been free of much of the ice there.

Acid rain

I believe in getting rid of real pollution that causes acid rain and health damage.  But Co2 is the wrong thing to focus on and isn’t causing an increase in the world’s temperature.  We all breathe out Co2.  I would like to see more electrical cars, which will reduce real pollution in our town and cities.  Rather than export our industry to the third world, we should develop cleaner and more efficient ways to manufacture in Britain and re balance our economy.

Mini ice age

In 1976 when we were going through a wonderful summer, they were talking about a mini ice age.  A Maunder minimum period could be just around the corner and we have made no provision for lower crop production.  We were told we would see no more snow in the UK and in 2000 we had record levels of snow from my memory and I go back to 1964.  I ended up with my garage roof collapsing under a foot and a half of snow.  We also had severe low temperatures as well.


I don’t believe that we have enough records of world temperatures, because the cycles are over 100’s and 1000’s of years, not 10, 20, 30 or 40 years.  The sun temperature dictates the temperature on earth, with lag due to the capacitance of oceans, land and cloud cover.  We have temperature measurement around high density populations and very few across the cold plains of the Artic and Antartic, which distorts the real average temperature of the world.

Agw man made global warming is a massive scam and hoax, unless you choose not to believe the truth.

All the best Tim



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