Online selling of products for businesses in Sheffield, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire and North East derbyshire

Would you like to start selling your products online, why not employ me on a contract basis to do that for you.  I have been building web sites since 2003 and prior to that I had 15 years experience in the Telecom department of HSBC in Sheffield.

Davy United
Davy United

Recently I have been contacting all businesses by post code starting from my own local area of S25.  I am shocked how poor the web presence is of many businesses, some which are quite established businesses.    But taking this one step further many Sheffield and Rotherham businesses would benefit from selling their products online, as well as through their premises, which would make their business more secure and robust.

If you would like a simple web site creating so that customer can contact you, find out more about the services and when you are open.  Contact me to build a web site, that can be gradually updated as your business grows.  It won’t break the bank and will bring in new customers.  It costs a fortune for builders, electricians and plumbers to advertise in the local press, compared with a web site that costs very little once built to run.

If you already have a web site, but would now like to start selling products online, why not get in contact with me about building you a robust professional online web site.  I actually use wordpress to sell Hypnotherapy mp3 downloads on line, but could build you an online web presence on what ever platform you desire.   I tested 4 other Content management systems before using WordPress for my own business. The recurring online costs for a web site are a lot cheaper than you think and could bring in much needed revenue for your business.  You can either employ me to build you an online web presence or on a contract basis.

Having designed the IT infrastructure at HSBC through their core networks, I build sustainable systems that won’t fall over in the near future.  I used to create diverse and resilient networks off the major date centres.

Prior to Christmas I was working for Marks and Spencers at Capita, dealing with online orders and know the issues businesses can have with online ordering systems that are poorly designed.  I can ensure that you have the best online ordering system available, that gives your customers great customer service.

I also know all about social media platforms and google advertising mechanisms such as add sense.

I believe in ethical long term business.

If you would like to build a professional web site or online presence please give me a ring on 01909 561706 or contact me via my contact form.

All the best




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