Fox and duck Sheffield road Tinsley among the giants

I decided to cycle to Sheffield Rd today and take pictures of what remains of British steel from the 1980’s.  I took this picture of the Fox and duck, which looks as though it is closed, as there is no longer a sign up.

Fox and duck, Sheffield Rd, Tinsley
Fox and duck, Sheffield Rd, Tinsley

When I did my apprenticeship at British steel, I sometimes walked down from Tinsley roundabout and passed the Fox and duck.  I can imagine trade has crashed for two reasons, the workers from the steel industry have disappeared, even in those days there were many closed works at this end of Sheffield road.  But also because of the way Tinsley has turned into a Muslim community, which I can’t say I am happy with, as I believe people should integrate and not live in separate communities.

I remember seeing the Fox and duck in the film “Among the giants” with the late Pete” Postlethwaite.  Pete was also the band leader in “Brassed off”.  The film was about a group of lads painting the Electric Pylons, who also had a love of climbing.   This film covered many area’s of Sheffield and you can see the old cooling towers at Tinsley, by the side of the viaduct.

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