Magna and Steel Peech Electric Arc Reorganization Sheffield rd

I decided to cycle to where I did my apprenticeship and worked in the 1980’s at British steel Rotherham.   Where Magna now exists was the biggest steel melting shop in the world.  It had six electric arc furnaces which replaced the original 14 open hearth furnaces.

S.P.E.A.R Shefield Rd
S.P.E.A.R Shefield Rd

I left British steel after I did my apprenticeship for two reasons, they wouldn’t give me a permanent job, but also because it didn’t matter how well you or the part of the company performed, we were run by accounts who didn’t care about the future of the steel industry.

These six furnaces were melting steel as efficiently as you could and were perched on the border between Sheffield and Rotherham.  It was a very bad decision by the people who were controlling the steel industry of the time to decimate the steel industry in the way they did.

I think it is time to re evaluate that decision and start up a lot of the industry we closed down, but in a more efficient and clean way.  We have to balance the economy between the service industry and heavy industry, which should be a great wealth creator for the country if run properly.

All the best



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