Down memory lane British Steel Rotherham on Sheffield rd

Last Sunday I decided to cycle to where I worked in the 1980’s and see if I could take some pictures before everything disappeared.  I did an apprenticeship at Deadman’s hole rd and also worked along the length of Sheffield Rd

These are a selection of pictures I managed to take.

S.P.E.A.R Shefield Rd
S.P.E.A.R Shefield Rd

During my apprenticeship I used to come in on the motorway bus and get off at Tinsley.  I would then either catch the 69 bus or walk through the Tinsley subway system, I can’t ever remember seeing as much rubbish around as I saw today.  The Plumpers pub shut down long ago.   The Fox and Duck has since become an Asian centre.  I have no issue with controlled immigration, but do have an issue when the whole area of Tinsley has become a Muslim area.

Even in the 1980’s there were companies that had closed down and were derelict from Tinsley to Deadman’s whole lane, but the rest of the road was thriving.  There were 10,000’s of people who worked for British Steel along this road.

Where I did my apprenticeship at Deadman’s hole lane is now an engineering business and some body delivers crane training courses in part of the facilities.  I had a fantastic apprenticeship here and the facilities were great.

The S.P.E.A.R melting shop has become the Magna centre.  Originally SPEAR was the biggest melting shop in the world, housing six electric arc furnaces, prior to that 14 open hearth furnaces.  This was the most efficient way to make steel and I think it was closed down for political rather than financial reasons.

The old bus turning point is no longer used.  Across from SPEAR was the canteen, which is now called Brinsworth training centre.  You will also find the Temple pub, were steelworkers quenched their throats, this has closed down many years ago, but looks in good repair.

What I couldn’t believe is that the old Brinsworth strip mill is still working, I thought it was a pretty out of date even in the 80’s.

Further down past Brinsworth strip mills used to be a Lab area, which was raised to the ground long ago, the car park in front of Brinsworth strip mill now has industrial units on it.   The old slag reduction area, has been modernised, which seems rather strange, as the melting no longer happens here.

There used to be the Templeborough rolling mills which was a private company, but that has now gone and there used to be massive sheds down towards the ramp area.  There using to be rolling mills here, which at one bit were changed into a continuous caster, probably a bit after my time.

You then approached the central workshops, which have disappeared.  There also used to be some fantastic functions room, called the Phoenix 500 rooms, they were trashed a long time ago.  As a member of staff I could have my dinner here, but also AGM’s of large companies were held here.

Finally there was the ring rolled area, called the Ickles, much of this is derelict or small industrial units have been built on it.

Steel Peech and Tozer if they could see it, must have been saddened by the want and destruction of an area of steel making that was trashed for all the wrong reasons and managed to run very well as a private company before being nationalised in the 1970’s.

My dad worked down at London and Scandanavian Metallurgical company which still exists, but the old Fullerton pub was removed years ago.

Even the road between Bawtry Rd and Sheffield Rd has been closed down to cars.  The Phoenix golf course looked splendid and has been extended, this at one bit belonged to the British steel corporation.

A very sad journey to say the least.  The Germans manage to manufacture things very efficiently and we made such a mistake decimating our northern industries to focus on banking in the South East.

All the best



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