Trip down memory Lane in Woodhouse Sheffield

Last weekend on Facebook the Woodhouse group, had a picture of the Shirtcliff Brook.  I know it actually ran through the garden of 40 Horsewood rd before it was piped in.  I decided to go and take some pictures of Woodhouse and you will find them on my flicker page.

Woodhouse stocks and cross
Woodhouse stocks and cross

I lived at 40 Horsewood Rd in Woodhouse until 1966, my family left for Anston when I was two years old.  At the time I can remember not wanting to leave the house.  My parents were Margaret and Graham Wells.  I got talking to one or two of the people who now live on Horsewood rd and it makes me sad to see the state of number 40 now.

I am surprised what a nice village Woohouse is and how much open space there is.  Flockton park is quite nice, Woodhouse hasn’t encroached much onto the countryside.  Anston were I now live is extremely built up.

Woodhouse has quite a few facilities and I got a picture of the Town cross and stocks, which I didn’t know existed.

My parents tell me of a girl called Vicky Ann Fielding who lived either next door and used to be my friend.  Her brother was called Jon.  Her parents were Ron and Gloria fielding.  I understand that Vicky emigrated to Australia, along with her family at the same time as we left for Anston.  Does anybody know what happened to Vicky Ann Fielding and her family and whether they made a go of it in Australia or came back to the UK?

Vicky Anne Fielding and Tim Wells Horsewood Rd Sheffield
Vicky Anne Fielding and Tim Wells Horsewood Rd Sheffield

IMG_20140721_0003These are pictures of me and Vicky back in 1966.  I have located somebody on facebook called Vicky Fielding, if Fielding is their maiden name I have located them.  They have  a picture on their time line which is the double of this Vicky in this picture.  I am waiting to hear back from them.

All the best




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