How to make a wordpress blog page/post on a web site for a product service go viral

Recently I have had a couple of my posts go viral on my wordpress blog.  One of my posts attracted about 150 page views and one today attracted nearly 1400 page views.   Rather than trying to sell your products directly, why not try to do it more indirectly.  Find some local interesting event.

Tour de France Cote de Wincobank Sheffield
Tour de France Cote de Wincobank Sheffield

A few weeks ago the Tour de France came to Sheffield, being my home city I went along to watch as it was a once in a lifetime chance.  I took a video and a number of pictures.  I then created a web page telling people about my experiences on the day, with all the relevant pictures and videos.  I received about 150 page views.

Today I created a blog page on the takeover of Sheffield Wednesday by Hafiz Mammadov. It is quite a hot topic in the city of Sheffield at the moment, will it or won’t it go ahead.  I then twittered the page, which got picked up by both the Wednesday and United forums and also the main Sheffield forum.  I have received about 1400 page views, which is a massive record for me and proves content can go viral.  This page will probably get more hits tomorrow when the page appears higher up the google ranking.

I can imagine quite a lot of Sheffield Wednesday supporters are getting stressed by the takeover by Hafix Mammadov, they may want stress management help if it doesn’t go through.

I also add links into my blog post, so that people also click on to my Hypnotherapy web sites.  I hope this helped a little.

Find a hot topic of conversation, relate the content to your business if possible and then link back to your web site selling a business or product.

All the best




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