sheffield-wednesday football club -Hafiz Mammadov-takeover-of-s.w.f.c delayed

So we get a statement on a Saturday night saying that the takeover of Sheffield Wednesday by Hafiz Mammadov is delayed.  Read into it what you like, I believe it is a softener statement before the deal gets called off.

We hear that the deal has been delayed by Hafiz Mammadov, because he can’t come to London due to other business interests in Azerbiajan, yet he had a meeting Friday night in London with Milan Mandaric.  Something very fishy is going off and there seems to be a lot of smoke and mirrors. The statement doesn’t really say a lot and causes more confusion as far as I am concerned.

Sheffield city centre
Sheffield city centre

Friday the CNOSF met to discuss the promotion of F.C. Lens after the DNCG rejected it twice.  The CNOSF said that Lens could be promoted, but it isn’t only advise.   The DNCG could still reject Lens promotion and that would be final.  Have Lens being given the £10 million by Hafiz Mammadov?, I suspect not!

Back onto Hafiz Mammadov and Wednesday.  His company Baghlan  still has no web site, unbelievable with it being a major company.  Baghlan was downgraded by Fitch for non payment of a debt and Fitch will no longer comment on them.  I have heard of another oil exploration deal that Baghlan are involved in, where there has been non payment of funds.

There are issues with liquidity with the Bank of Azerbaijan.  It isn’t going to be helped with the issues between East and West due to the troubles in the Ukraine.

I had serious concerns about Milan Mandaric taking over Sheffield Wednesday, especially due to who he sold Portsmouth to.  Why do fans of Sheffield Wednesday think that a foreign owner of the club, will run it any better than a Trust or sensible local Sheffield business men.

I would much rather see a merger of both Sheffield sides and one great football club.  Even though up to 10 years ago I was a diehard Wednesday supporter.

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