Sheffield castle to be rebuilt

The Sheffield castle market has been closed down and will be raised to the ground.  A park will now be created and the old castle remains opened up.  Nobody is exactly sure how much of the castle remains, much of it is buried underneath the ground.  Some of the remains can be accessed from the basement of the Castle market.

Sheffield castle
Sheffield castle

Sheffield city council have just announced that the Castle entrance will be rebuilt, what would be even better is that Sheffield Castle was rebuilt in whole.  I have heard of a castle being rebuilt from scratch in Europe.   This would be a fantastic tourist attraction for Sheffield and help re invigorate the city centre.

The main gate will be re built on the site of the original foundations which still exist in part, which means that it should be a replica, rather than a cheap tacky design.

We do still have the Manor castle where Mary Queen of Scott’s was held captive.  But Sheffield castle was involved in the civil war and ended up choosing the wrong side.

Nottingham likes to lay claim to Robin Hood, but Sherwood Forest stretched all the way up to Sheffield and Robin hood was from Loxley.  You will find the grave of Little John in the church yard at Hathersage.  Nottingham stole tax’s from us peasants in the past and even stole our Legend.

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