River Sheaf Sheffield

The river Don is the river we see running through the middle of Sheffield, but the most important is the River Sheaf that Sheffield got its name from.  I knew of the river Sheaf, but never knew where it ran through Sheffield Town centre, until I read up on the Sheffield castle.  Sheffield castle stood on the intersection of the Don and Sheaf up to Fitzalan Sq.  Sheffield was a large castle we lost during the English civil war.

The Sheaf comes into Sheffield but then runs through a concrete culvert under the Midland station and under the Sheaf market, the river Porter becomes a tributary of it under the Midland station.  It finally comes out into the open and joins up with the river Don.

Sheffield castle
Sheffield castle

I would love to see Sheffield castle rebuilt and wouldn’t it be great to actually open up the River Sheaf so we can see it running through the Town centre.  The rivers are what started the industrial revolution and were so important to cutlery and steel production in Sheffield.

Sheffield castle had the Sheaf on one side and the Don down the other side, with a moat around.  It must have been a majestic site before it was destroyed back in 1644.  Larger than Warwick castle.  Sheffield castle was on the Southern border of the old Northumbria Anglo Saxon kingdom.

We have a lot more history in Sheffield than people can imagine and we didn’t just spring up in the industrial revolution.

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