Locating a lost person who has emigrated to Australia

For the first two years of my life I used to play with a girl called Vicky Ann Fielding, at the time I lived on Horsewood Rd Woodhouse, Sheffield.  My parents then moved to Anston and Vicky and her parents emigrated to Australia.  You can see the picture of Vicky and me later on the blog.

Vicky Anne Fielding and Tim Wells Horsewood Rd Sheffield
Vicky Anne Fielding and Tim Wells Horsewood Rd Sheffield

We always wondered what had happened to Vicky, her father Ron, mother Gloria and brother Jon.  We didn’t know if they successfully emigrated to Australia or came back.

A few weeks ago on facebook the Woodhouse group had a picture of Shirtcliffe brook, it actually ran through the garden of 40 Horsewood rd before it was piped in.  I decided to have a walk around Woodhouse and take some pictures of where I spent the first 2/3 years of my life.  I went back to my old house and was so disappointed that it was pretty run down and over grown.  I spoke to the neighbours but they had only lived there for 20 years.  I can see why I didn’t want to leave Woodhouse, it is quite a nice place.

With modern social medi and the internet I wondered if I could locate a Vicky Ann Fielding.  I tried first in search engines and came up with nothing.  I then went on facebook and couldn’t find a Vicky Ann Fielding.  I then tried searching for a Ron and Gloria Fielding.  When I searched for Gloria Fielding it pulled up somebody called Gloria with a different surname, when I investigated further Vicky Fielding appeared as her daughter.

I had been looking for Vicky Ann Fielding, whereas she was just Vicky Fielding.  It looks as though she had married and has her married name in brackets, rather than her maiden name of Fielding.  When I looked down her timeline her brother Jon appeared.  I then asked my parents to look down the time line and they said her favourite picture of her dad feeding her, was definitely her and Ron Fielding when they were still living in the UK.  The picture is very similar to the picture you see of her and me.

I have sent Vicky Fielding an email with the pictures of her and me and made a friend request, but have heard nothing yet.  It would be really interesting to find out how their life’s have turned out.  There is no mention of Vicky coming from Sheffield, but her mother has mentioned that she comes from Sheffield.  I asked my mother to make a friend request to Vicky’s mother Gloria, it looks as though Vicky’s mother has re married.  I can’t find out what happened to her father Ron and brother Jon.

It would be disappointing if nothing further comes of my investigation.

All the best



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