Sheffield Wednesday F.C ground move away from Hillsborough

It is time for Sheffield Wednesday football club to move away from Hillsborough into the East end of Sheffield.  Back at the time of the Hillsborough disaster it was the Premier ground in the UK, but there has been very little investment in the ground since then, other than a new roof on the South stand and a 2nd/3rd tier.


I go back along way with Sheffield Wednesday football club, as my Gt Grandparents back yard over looked the back of the old Spion Kop, known as the East bank on Penistone Rd.  If I had the option I would still be standing on the Leppings Lane or KOP without the fences if I could, but that is a whole different story.  I went to Hillsborough as soon as I could walk, starting off in the seats in the Leppings Lane, then moving into the terrace and finally onto the KOP as I grew up.

I propose a move away from Hillsborough for a number of reasons.

1) Hillsborough is in the middle of a residential area and the whole area comes to a gridlock every match day.  It would be better off located in the East End of Sheffield closer to the motorway and close by the super tram.

2) Hillsborough stadium is now dated compared with most modern stadiums and it would be better to rebuild from the beginning rather than invest the amounts of money to get Hillsborough up to the standards modern day supporters would like.  The stadium could be built as a traditional football stadium, but better use of the stadium area could be made for match days and non match days.  There isn’t a massive amount of room around Hillsborough to develop the stadium both for match days and non match days.  I would like to see safe standing in a new stadium as per the German model, but I have no issue with the old fashioned standing terraces myself.

There are some fantastic area’s of land that could be developed between the city centre and the Tinsley viaduct to provide a fantastic modern stadium for Sheffield Wednesday football club.  The cherry on the cake for me would be the merger of both Sheffield clubs, which would give us the potential to play Champions League football.

Sheffield Wednesday seem to be a long way from a takeover and having the right investment to create a football ground that we can all be proud of again, with modern facilities.  I have said for quite some time that the latest takeover with Hafiz Mammadov would never happen.  We are waiting the latest announcement from Milan Mandaric on this.

All the best




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