Coincidence synchronicity Chatsworth House

It wasn’t until I read a book by SQuire Rushnell that I started to take notice of the coincidences in my life, even though I had been having them since being born.  I had a good coincidence when I went to Chatsworth house in Derbyshire to take pictures the other week.

Surprise view
Surprise view

As I was driving through Baslow in Derbyshire it brought back memories of a friends (Tony) wedding he had in the local church there and the great weekend I had.  I stayed in a nice B&B in Eyam and the wedding reception was at the Maynard Arms in Grindleford.

When I looked online it was £12 to go into Chatsworth gardens, so I had put £15 in my pocket to pay for the parking and gardens.  I like to park across at the garden centre and walk up to Chatsworth House along the river, where I can take some perfect pictures.  Instead of being £2 to park in the garden centre car park it was now £3.  I was expecting it to be cheaper to get in Chatsworth on the day, rather than online.

When I got outside Chatsworth House, I was shocked to meet the best man at Tony’s wedding, he had also worked at HSBC in Sheffield.  He was now working for Chatsworth House estates and asked if I would like to be signed in, which I duly accepted.  He was allowed to sign in the odd friend or family member for free, which was really nice of him.

Later I realised that I didn’t have enough for the entrance fee of £13-20 in my wallet.  I am shocked how much the prices have gone up since the last time I went there in about 2004.  I was lucky I had this chance meeting and a free entrance to the gardens.

The Chatsworth gardens are fantastic and I managed to get some great pictures.  Later I found out that I need a licence to sell these pictures and am waiting to find out how much it will cost me.

However I do have a number of pictures you can purchase online of other locations that don’t require a licence, as they were taken in public places.

Copyright laws for photography can be a mine field.

If you want to have more coincidences, write them down each time you have them and you will start finding yourself having more.  Make a note of small and large coincidences.  Also write down any dreams you remember each morning and see if there are any links between your dreams and coincidences.

Coincidences tend to come in groups, a little like buses.

All the best



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