Healthier and better chips than Georgio’s in North Anston Sheffield

I always used to think that Georgios chips in North Anston were the best in the country, I always used to be disappointed when I went to the coast and bought fish and chips there.  Recently times have been more financially tight so I have been eating oven chips from Tesco, but not enjoying them too much.  I decided to try and cook my own in a more healthy way.

Georgio's Fish and Chips
Georgio’s Fish and Chips

How to cook healthy great tasting Chips?

Ensure that you behave in a safe manner when using hot cooking fat.

Experiment with different potatoes to find the best out there.  I like Boston potatoes when they are in season.  Use extra Virgin Olive oil from the supermarket, I used Tesco’s.

Either heat the oil in a large frying pan on the hob or use a large baking tray in the Oven, heat the oil for about 10/15 minutes before inserting the potato chips.

While the oil is heating cut your chips into the ideal size.  When the oil is up to temperature put the cut chips into the pan or onto the baking tray.  Ensure that you keep turning the chips occasionally so they don’t stick to the metal dish.   Cook the chips until they are crispy.  You can then lay out on kitchen paper to drain off excess fat.

Keep experimenting with potatoes, cooking oil and any other variables until you cook the perfect chips.  There can’t be a healthier cooking oil than extra Virgin olive oil.  I always used to love how the Greeks cooked food when I went on holiday.

The chips weren’t as perfect as I normally do, but you will have good and bad days, but they will certainly be better than Oven chips from the supermarket.

All the best




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