UK and English national anthem.

For many years I have been very opposed to the national anthem of both the UK and England, a national anthem should be about the country and not one person who rules over us.  Both Jerusalem and Land of hope and glory are far more representative of us.

I believe in a modern democracy that a King and Queen should be elected, much as we choose the Lord Mayor of London.  This will do more for social mobility than anything else.

I was watching the Waltons of all programs and I heard the national anthem, but the words they were singing were totally different, it was called “My country, “Tis of Thee””. This was one of the national anthems of the USA, before Star Spangled banner in 1931.  Could the words to our national anthem be rewritten in the same way, to mean much more and be about the people.

For some reason the national anthem of the UK is also the national anthem of England, at football matches.  But other English major sporting events are now starting to use Jerusalem.  When a vote has been carried out Jerusalem comes number 1, Land of Hope and Glory 2 and the national anthem bottom.

The English football players seem embarrassed to sing our national anthem and I hate to hear the England supporters start singing it during a match.  The National anthem of France”La Marseillaise” brings a tear to my eye, our national anthem makes me cringe when I hear it.

Should we change the words to the national anthem, have another song and words or should be use Jerusalem.  You can vote on my poll.


All the best




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