Piz Gloria and Jungfraujoch Switzerland

I have set a goal of going to the summit of Piz Gloria and the Junfraujoch at the top of the Swiss Alps.  You will see a Youtube video of each journey on this page.

Piz Gloria

I have always wanted to go to the restaurant in the James Bond film “On her majesty’s service” and didn’t realise it was just a cable car journey to the top of Piz Gloria.  The film helped pay for the restaurant when it was first built.


I got it confused with the highest railway station in the world at Junfraujoch, which is accessed by a railway to the summit, where you will find an observation tower and ice palace.

Both locations are close to each other and it would be best to stop over at Interlaken and then make two separate journeys on different days.

It’s a toss up whether to go in the summer or winter, as both locations will be very different, however a summer journey would allow me to have a walk around the summit of both locations.

I am now visualising myself visiting both locations and will eventually be there.  Suggesting to yourself ” I have visited Piz Gloria and Junfraujoch” would be the best way to your outcome, if you would like to visit both locations like me.

All the best





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