Major Oak Sherwood Forest Nottinghamshire Robin Hood

Today I decided to cycle to Sherwood Forest and take a picture of Major Oak, sadly half way there I stopped off at Welbec Hall gates to take a picture and found out I had no camera in my bag.  However I decided to carry on any way as I was half way there.  You have a picture that I had already taken of Edwinstowe Church.

Edwinstowe Church
Edwinstowe Church

As a child I remember going inside Major Oak, but that hasn’t been possible since 1975.  Major Oak was actually used for keeping birds being used for cock fighting and not where Robin Hood hid.  There is so much fantasy about Robin Hood and it could be nothing more than a fairy tale with many different people acting out the part over many years.

Sherwood Forest at one bit stretched up to Sheffield and I think Anston Stones is part of Sherwood Forest.  Major Oak isn’t one of the biggest Oaks in Sherwood, but it was suggested it was the meeting place of Robin Hood and his bandits.

Robin Hood is suggested to have existed around 1100AD and lived in Sherwood Forest, where the Sheriff of Nottingham was scared to venture even though it was Royal Lands and part of the Welbec estate.  Robin Hood was supposed to be friends with King Richard the Lionheart.

I have always known Robin Hood as Robin of Loxley which is an area of Sheffield.  I suspect Robin lost his lands to the Norman Barrons and was a Saxon.

They say that Maid Marion married Robin Hood in Edwinstowe Church the picture on this blog.  Edwinstowe  is full of coffee shops and ornamental shops.  Edwinstowe would have been within Sherwood Forest in the days of Robin Hood.

Little John is reputed to be buried in the graveyard at Hathersage.  I am not sure where Robin Hoods bay comes from.

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