Hafiz Mammadov take over of Sheffield Wednesday off says Milan Mandaric

Today Milan Mandaric announced that the takeover of Sheffield Wednesday was definitely off, even worse Hafiz Mammadov hadn’t paid for the shirt sponsorship “Azerbaijan Land of fire” .  Milan would now be taking court proceedings against Hafiz for non payment of the shirt sponsorship money, through his Lawyers if they believe this is the next course of action.  I said that the deal would fall through back in late July and was ridiculed by Wednesday supporters.

  • It was quite obvious when F.C. Lens were short of money, that there was something very suspicious about the deal.
  • The web site www.baghlangroup.com of the Baghalan group has been down for at least two months, which doesn’t sound very professional for such a large organisation.
  • Fitch downgraded the Baghlan group quite some time ago for non payment of outstanding debts and will make no further comment on the company.
  • The Baghlan group went back on a deal to do with new oil exploration..
  • There are issues with the liquidity of the bank of Azerbaijan.
  • The European Union had also stopped movement of money from Russian, which would effect Hafiz moving his money about
  • Baku football club had issues as well quite some time ago.

I now wonder if the rumour that Hafiz was arrested, wasn’t a rumour, something he strongly denied.

I was never happy for a person with more than one football club to takeover Sheffield Wednesday football club, never mind foreign ownership of the club in the first place.  Azerbaijan is behind the old iron curtain and I suspect the Russian Mafia operates out there.

My dad who has a season ticket at Wednesday and believed that the takeover was announced to boost season ticket sales, but it looks like Milan has been totally stitched up as supporters are now walking around with shirts saying “Azerbaijan Land of Fire” and the players are wearing the same shirts.  How embarrassing for Sheffueld Wednesday football club.  One word of warning don’t go on holiday to Azerbaijan if Hafiz Mammadov is anything to go by.

Milan is now looking as incompetent as the previous boards of Sheffield Wednesday football club and if this deal hadn’t fallen through, he would have created the next Portsmouth F.C.  I suggest Milan Mandaric sells the club onto the supporters and walks away.

If football clubs don’t limit the wages of football players to 30% of turnover, there is no future for football, it will bankrupt itself.

All the best




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