Global warming versus global cooling

In 1976 when we had the warmest summer I can remember, they were talking about a mini ice age, even the tarmac roads melted that summer.  However since that time the establishment claim that man is making the planet warmer.  Something I believed until working for a Carbon Management company in 2006 and found it to be a scam.

Open sunflower
Open sunflower

I was fully hood winked that man was making the planet warmer, until I watched the alternative view on climate change and found out that it was down to the temperature of the sun and other variants such as cloud cover and volcanic eruptions.   This change is so gradual and can happen over 100’s if not 1000’s of years.

In the Roman times they were growing vines in Britain, however during the dark ages there was so little sun spot activity that the Thames froze over.

There has been no global warming since 1998.  The hockey stick theory has been completely blown apart.   The Antartic sea ice levels are at record amounts since records began and Artic sea ice levels are starting to recover.

The actual sun spot activity has actually been slowing down since 1998 when we hit a peak and we could be coming up to another Maunder minimum period.

In 2000 we had probably the coldest winter since 1963 in the UK and record amounts of snow, earlier that year a volcano erupted in Iceland called the Eyjafjallajökull.  This volcano stopped air traffic in Northern Europe for a while.

There is now another volcano erupting in Iceland called the Bárðarbunga.  This has been the worst Icelandic volcano eruption since the 1950’s and could go on for months.  If the main caldera cracks, we could have one of the worst Volanic eruptions in Iceland for a 100 years.  This could give us perishing cold winters and no summers for a number of years, this will cause global cooling in the Northern hemisphere, on top of the reduction in the suns temperature.

I believe that man made global warming has been cooked up, to find another way to tax us on top of creating worthless jobs for the boys.  Al Gore is the biggest hypocrite out there, rather than trying to capitalise, why doesn’t he lead by example and reduce his own Carbon footprint.  The Inconvenient truth video put me to sleep.

We have been so focused on the so called Anthropogenic Global Warming and have ignored the fact that the world is getting cooler and we could have issues with crop production.  Thankfully we can import food from the Southern hemisphere, but this will increase costs, as well as the cost for extra fuel costs that we will incur.

I believe in reducing real pollutants that damage health, but CO2 is a total red herring.

All the best



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