Hugh Grant’s latest film rewrite

I decided to go and watch the latest Hugh Grant film yesterday at Cineworld in Sheffield, the film was good, but it finished a little too abruptly for me.  After the end of the film as the sub titles were coming down, they started doing flash backs through the film to scenes that weren’t shown.  It reminded me a little of Music and Lyrics.

Hugh Grant played a failed Oscar winning writer who was in a slump.  He ended up going to teach at a University away from the lime light.  To start with he didn’t have much belief in teaching, but then started to see the results of his students and actually helped one of them to make his big break.  He became friendly with a single mother who came to his class, who gave him as much guidance in life skills as he gave her in writing for the film industry.

It was certainly a metaphor for life, showing that if you truly help others, it sometimes comes back in a big way.

Recently the films Hugh Grant has starred in have had a bit of a moral to the story, I suspect that many of the films mirror Hugh Grants life in general.

All the best



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