Windows 7 versus Linux operating system Ubunta

You can actually download Linux for free onto your PC and run as a duel operating system.  There are pro’s and con’s to this.  Linux is a better operating system, however there isn’t as much software availability as for windows.  I explain here how to do it here.

I recommend starting with Ubunta Linux and you can download


Once you have downloaded Ubunta onto your PC, you need to burn a ISO file onto DVD.  Right click onto the downloaded file and open in the ISO burner.

All you then need to do is put the ISO DVD into your PC and reboot.  You can either run off the DVD and not install on your PC.  You can replace Windows with Linux or you can download Linux in parallel with Windows.

If you do what I did and downloaded Linux in Parallel with Windows, each time you switch on your PC, you have to select the option to run as Windows otherwise it boots in Linux.

It is very easy to get your Windows PC working duel boot in Linux and then it is time to understand Linux and see if it is a replacement for Windows or something you would run in parallel for certain applications.

Let me know how you go on?

All the best




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