Anston Parish council Christmas tree.

A couple of years ago I raised the issue of a Christmas tree in Anston at the top of the Baulk, Anston Parish council never progressed the idea and this is my response when I re raised the issue this year after listening to the Anston parish council meeting recorded on Youtube and their reply to me.  Sandra Wallhead has been trying to get a Christmas tree in Anston for the last 6 years.

XMS tree Dinnington
XMS tree Dinnington

To all concerned.  (This email was sent to Ward councillors Josephine Burton, Judith Dalton, Clive Jepson and the Independent councillor Stuart Thorton.  Wind through to hear the response at the meeting at 2 hours and 5 minutes.

I have recently listened to the youtube video of the last Parish meeting.

I would like to thank Clive for bringing up this item and Stuart for his support.  Not being able to visually watch the meeting, I wasn’t sure whether it was Judy Dalton also standing up for the tree.

I was a little disappointed that somebody tried to score points and avoid the issue by saying I no longer live in Anston, I have lived in Anston since 1966 and and this was my parting shot because the same point I raised two years ago wasn’t moved forward.   Sandra Wallhead has being trying to get a Christmas tree in Anston for the last 6 years. It appears to me that the person most opposed to the tree is Ian St John who doesn’t even live in Anston and shouldn’t be making decisions on the behalf of the people of Anston, from where I am standing.  Ian appears to behave like the chief whip for the Rotherham Labour party and people appear to follow his lead, rather than making independent decisions that benefit Anston.

I think you will find that more people would prefer to have a Christmas tree that lasts a month, than a fire works display that last a hour.  But if you cut your cloth accordingly, you could afford to have both options, so that there is a win win for all.

I have found Anston Parish council to be very petty and back ward thinking and have decided to move into a community where my ideas will be better thought of.  What hope is there of Anston which is bigger than Dinnington having its own town centre?  I am temporarily living across the border in Dinnington, about thirty yards across the border while my new house purchase goes through.

I have seen the quality of life reduce since my family first came to live in  Anston in 1966, most part due to Rotherham borough taking us over, but also a Parish council that is controlled by Rotherham Labour party.  I look forward to the days that Anston Parish council becomes Independent of the Labour party, I care more for Anston more than the current party politics that leave everything in Limbo.

Kind regards







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