Car parking Bassetlaw especially Priorswell car park

Priorswell car park in Worksop has been protected from car parking charges due to a covenant.  Bassetlaw council tried to charge for this car park previously but had to remove the meters due to the covenant.  The council have decided they can now charge for this car park, as they say the body owning this land dissolved many years ago.   I don’t know whether they can legally get away with this, if you are a legal person who understands the law can you confirm if Bassetlaw can do this?

Worksop priory
Worksop priory

To may matters worse the current charges sign actually points away from the car park and many people won’t be aware that after all these years there are now charges.  To claim your first free hour you have to get a ticket from the machine or you get a parking fine, this isn’t obvious to anybody and five people received tickets this morning thinking they were parking for free for the first hour.  It seems that the priority at the moment is to keep an eye on this car park and catch unsuspecting victims.

Up to Christmas the council allowed all shoppers in Worksop to park for free after 2pm, this encouraged shoppers and helped Worksop businesses.  Why can’t this apply all year to increase foot fall, otherwise people can visit places like Crystal Peaks and Meadowhall for free, which have a much better choice of shops.  Worksop should be doing all it can do to attract shoppers.

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