Snow Sheffield S25 Dinnington and Anston Global warming

A number of years ago we were told that snow would be a thing of the past, but other than for last winter that was very mild, snow is starting to appear again as in my childhood of the 1960’s and 1970’s.  In fact a few years ago, the snow was that thick it destroyed the roof of my garage, when we had about 1.5 feet of snow in Anston, Sheffield.  The weather was exceedingly cold for a month or two, we would have to go back to 1963 to find a worse winter, which was a year before I was born.  Anston was completely cut off, as the A57 became impassable and we appeared on national news.

Lindrick dale Worksop snow
Lindrick dale Worksop snow

We had snow on boxing day of this year 2014 which stayed for about a week, I was able to get out and about and get some great pictures.  It has snowed again last night Tuesday the 20th Jan 2015 and it appears as though we are due for more snow through, January, February and March. We were told that the Artic would become ice free in the summer, but these levels have recovered drastically.  The Ant artic is currently experiencing record levels of snow since records were first kept in the 1970’s.

None of this surprises me as I was working for Emtac a Carbon Management company in Anston back in 2006.  At the time I foolishly believed in the global warming scam.   My job was to sell free government energy audits to Sheffield companies, this was easy to start with because I believed man was warming the planet.  I was then given an Al Gore video to watch, the “Inconvenient truth”, which I fell asleep to.  I then watched an alternative view to global warming, which changed my whole perception.  During Roman times the UK was warm enough to grow vines, during the dark ages, it was so cold the Thames froze over.   Cooling in the dark ages was all down to low sun spot activity and records of that time are held at Greenwich weather observatory.  Even in the 1970’s the world temperature was recovering from the Maunder minimum and little ice age.  The current peak of global temperatures is back in 1998, we have seen no warming since, but plenty of spin to say this isn’t the case. The sun warms and cools the planet as it goes through peaks and troughs.  The land and oceans will act like a battery storing this energy.  These cycles happen over 100’s if not 1000’s of years.

Volcanoes can also cause cooling of the planet, as they pump out sulphur and other chemicals, that stop the sun rays passing through.  Pollutants from Industry must have the same effect, not what we are lead to believe.  However from a health point of view, we should be concerned about reducing pollutants from industry that cause acid rain and damage to the environment we live in.  I am sure we can produce cheap green energy, to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels over time. It would be advantageous to have electric cars that cause no pollution in our cities and then remove the harmful emissions at the power stations.

There was an interesting intervew in the alternative view of man made global warming, where Nigel Lawson said that Margaret Thatcher wanted universities to provide links between coal and global warming for grants to universities or individuals providing the information.  Margaret Thatcher did a lot more damage to our country than just our industrial base.

I think we should be very concerned with the current volcanic eruption in Iceland at the Bardarbunga volcano, that has being going on for 6 months, the biggest eruption since the 1700’s.  The last time there was major volcanic eruption in Iceland, there was major cooling in Northern Europe, which damaged crop production and live stock.  We have no plan for severe cold weather that could damage crop production. People like Al Gore and Prince Charles are hypocrites of the highest order, they should lead by example and reduce their air travel, number of houses and cars in their possession.

Certain eminent scientists point to 35/40 years of serious global cooling and a possible Maunder minimum period. The Global warming scam and hoax is all about profiteering with pointless energy solutions, practices and stealth tax’s.  Wake up to the fact that you are being lied to.

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