Thai take over of Sheffield Wednesday football club by Dejphon Chansiri and a consortium

It is increasingly likely looking like a takeover of Sheffield Wednesday football club, subject to a fit and proper check by the Football League.  I was very scornful of the last take over, because I didn’t like the shady character of the Azerbaijan business man, who we have never heard of since.

Sheffield Wednesday Football club
Sheffield Wednesday Football club

Dejphon Chansiri’s family control the Thai Union Frozen Products Public Company Limited, which has a sales turnover of £3 billion plus.  There is little information out there on Dejphon Chansiri, but his company seems much more above board and liquid and owns “John West”.

I understand that Dejphon Chansiri is leading the consortium, which will be paying £30 million for Sheffield Wednesday football club.  Hopefully there will be big investment in the playing staff to get Sheffield Wednesday back into the premier division.  I think Wednesday may need to consider a new manager, keeping Stuart Gray on as a coach.

I don’t know the wealth of Dejphon Chansiri and his associates, but I suspect they will be a lot more wealthy than the current owner Milan Mandaric and be able to take the club forward.

Once back in the Premier division there needs to be a serious upgrade of Hillsborough or a move to a modern stadium in the East end of the city.  At the very least the Leppings Lane needs to be demolished and rebuilt.

Times are certainly looking more rosy at Hillsborough.

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