Dejphon Chansiri’s Sheffield Wednesday takeover press conference “The futures bright WAWAW”

From day one the takeover of Sheffield Wednesday by Dejphon Chansiri’s looked above board, not like the takeover by Hafiz Mammadov.  I was slated by Wednesday supporters for being downbeat on Hafiz Mammadov and was proved correct.  I have always been up beat on the Dejphon Chansiri’s take over and have been proved right.

Nobody really has a clue how much Dejphon Chansiri is worth, but he has taken Wednesday over from his own personal fortune, but I am sure he can call on the backing of his family who have controlling interests in the Thia Union Frozen Food company.  He has business interests in retail estate and construction.  There is now no debt associated with the club and costs associated with Hillsborough.

You can watch his speech on a video on the Sheffield star newspaper, but this in the gist.  I suspect there was a translator, but it was hard to tell.

His aims are for Sheffield Wednesday to be sustainable and back in the Premiership by their 150th anniversary, so next year should be a bumper promotion season for Wednesday.  I think this could be the end of Stuart Gray, but I could be wrong.  I suspect there will be some serious investment in the playing staff and ground in the not so distant future.

Hopefully Dejphon Chansiri’s will bring Hillsborough up to modern day standards or move Wednesday to a new modern purpose built stadium in the East end of Sheffield, I prefer the later solution.

He will have a short term, medium and long term plan for Wednesday and I can imagine TV and merchandising deals in Thialand, as long as he doesn’t change the shirt colour to red.

He got in a couple of advertising plugs for Thialand and the TUFF.   I am sure he has an agenda for owning Wednesday, but if he takes the club forward in a responsible manner, all well and good.  He sounds like a responsible family man and business owner.

I have been critical of Milan Mandaric in the past, but he certainly looks like he has delivered the goods this time and left Wednesday in a very strong healthy permission.

All the best




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