Derelict land between Lordens Hill Rd and Victoria St Dinnington.

This blog was written a long time ago.  I have been trying to get this site clear for nearly two years, with very little help from Rotherham council.  I am embarrassed to say this land is behind my property.

This is a video I did on the site sometime during the summer.  The fly-tipping since then has gotten much worse.

This is a picture trail I did around the site about 18 months ago.  Click on the picture and scroll through it.

Victoria st and lordens hill allotments 001

This is my website I set up to try and engage the public and make a difference to our area.




3 thoughts on “Derelict land between Lordens Hill Rd and Victoria St Dinnington.

  1. Hi Tim,
    In connection with the allotments. I jointly own one of the plots through being left the site in a will so it’s not something we’ve been involved with. I do know it’s being used as a dumping site and it’s a great shame. I met with some of the local community last year to look at how we might reuse our plot.
    We are going to start to clear our plot in the next month or so and I think to keep it clear can only work if the local community do get involved.
    I was also speaking with Steve Lavin, who is the community officer but do you know anyone on the Parish Council who I should talk to and do you know if there are grants or advisors who can help with such a project.


    1. Hi Pete

      Nice to get a bit of interaction on my blog.

      Dave Smith is the Independent councillor on the Parish council, he also lives on Victoria St.

      I agree those who live around and land owners need to form a residents group, it needs a team effort because one person on their own cant resolve. The council need to deal with this issue in a more holistic way and they would achieve much more.

      They are fly tipping on the private rd behind where I live.

      There ought to be a community fund to help, it wouldnt be an issue in Westminster in London.

      Kind regards



    2. Peter. The council meeting the other night was a complete waste of time in my opinion, which wasn’t unexpected. There has to be a way of drawing down funds to fence off the area, but also to tarmac the footpath and light. Kind regards Tim


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