Hybrid super tram for S25 Sheffield Anston and Dinnington

Back in the 1980’s when I used to work in Sheffield, we used to have a fantastic bus service in Anston, with a bus about every 10/15 minutes, taking about 25 minutes to get there.  Fast forward 20 or more years and the bus service is now worse than in the 1960’s.  The train service from Kiveton Park is extremely good, but there are very few parking places if you don’t get there by 7am (three spaces have to be left free in case disabled people need to use them and are usually free for most of the day) and the train fares have escalated through the roof the last 10 years.  We the public do all the investing in the rail network, while the train operators profit at our expense, we lose out both ways.

Lindrick dale junction
Lindrick dale junction

We have a train line running through Anston and Dinnington, which connects to the Sheffield line at Lindrick dale( You can see this bridge and existing viaduct, beneath the public foot path) the only upgrade we would require is a connection through to Sheffield using an existing viaduct, however trains could connect to Sheffield by going over the points and turning in the opposite direction.

On top of that we would need new stations in Anston and Dinnington with relevant car parking, the vacant Plaxton’s site at the A57 crossroads in Anston would be a great location for a Park and ride scheme, also benefiting commuters from Worksop.

Hybrid super trams could provide us a connection over the train nework, so that the 20 thousand people who live in Anston and Dinnington would have a tram/train service into Sheffield.  This would be fantastic for people working in Sheffield, but could also be used to transport freight to the many industrial units we now have in Anston and Dinnington.

If our Parish councils of Anston and Dinnington had any vision, they would be fighting for a Hybrid tram train service to create a fantastic transport link into Sheffield.   Schemes of this magnitude wouldn’t be classed as pie in the sky if we lived in Switzerland or Holland.  It is time for Anston and Dinnington Town council to stop worrying about the petty issues and start focusing on major outcomes that would benefit both Towns. All the best Tim


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