How to cook a vegetarian meat and potato pie

I had been staying at my parents house while I purchased my new mortgage free house.  I took my turn to cook, but while I was there I asked my mother to show me how to make pastry.  They have just been away visiting my sister in the UAE, so on their return I cooked them a Vegetarian meat and potato pie.  This is my simple instructions on how to do it.


Vegetarian meat pie
Vegetarian meat pie

Weigh out 8oz of plain flower and half that weight in cooking margarine (I used Stork), whether creating more or less pastry, keep in that ratio.   Put both ingredients into a bowl,  use a sharp knife to break up the margarine and then a fork to start working into the flour.  Then start to work the flour and margarine together with your fingers, lifting the flour and margarine to create what looks like bread crumbs ( I will leave the hygiene side to you).

Once the flour and margarine is mixed together add 4/5 table spoons of water and then work until you have a bread like dough.

Then get a rolling board or a clean work top, but some floor onto the rolling board and rolling pin and roll out your pastry.  Then put aside.

Potatoes, carrots, onions, soya meat and gravy.

Next cook your potatoes, carrots and onions.   You may also want to pre cook your soya mince in the microwave for half the time you normally do, there are some great variety’s at Tesco.  Also create some gravy, I use Gravy granules.

Vegetarian meat pie
Vegetarian meat pie

Get a suitable dish to cook the pie in.   Mix the Soya, onions and carrots in the bottom, add gravy.  Then add a layer of potatoes on top.  Then cut pastry to size to fit over the top, create a hole in the top with a knife or fork.  I put the pastry I cut off, under the main layer, to double the thickness.

Cook in the oven on about 200 degrees, takes 20 to 30 minutes, until the pastry looks right to you, then serve with more gravy.

There was too much for the three of us, so I put one portion in the fridge and had a couple of days later, reheated in the microwave for 6/7 minutes, it tasted just as good and you can see a picture here.

All the best




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