Archaeological dig Anston stones.

I went to my last Anston Parish council meeting after moving into Dinnington, after living in Anston since 1966.  One of the agenda items was about an Archaeological dig in Anston stones.  However they would not tell us what the dig was about, I can understand them not releasing the site for fear of people walking all over it, but to treat the public of Anston in this way is beyond contempt.   Anston Parish council are well known for stopping the public from attending certain finance meetings, citing confidentiality, how can that be the case when they are spending your money and are there to represent you.

Anston stones bluebells
Anston stones bluebells

I can only hazard a guess that the Archaeological dig in the stones is either due to Prehistoric man or the Romans, but the stones were also famous for the Oaks that once created our great Navy.

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2 thoughts on “Archaeological dig Anston stones.

    1. Hi Eunice The Parish council wouldn’t even tell us what they were allowing at the stones in a public meeting, I would be surprised if anybody else knew, other than those doing the dig. All the best Tim


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