Who will replace Stuart Gray as manager at Sheffield Wednesday.

If Sheffield Wednesday are serious about being promoted back into the Premier division of English football, Stuart Gray has to be replaced sooner rather than later.  Yes Stuart has over performed this season, but I don’t think he has the skills to take Sheffield Wednesday into the Premier division and hold them there.

Sheffield Wednesday Football club
Sheffield Wednesday Football club

For me everything come out of Hillsborough lately is good with the exception of the football, attendances have dropped even though Wednesday are in their best position for years.

Stuart is a great coach, but he isn’t a very good manager.  Look at his track record at other clubs before coming to Hillsborough.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuart_Gray_%28footballer,_born_1960%29

Yes Wednesday have over performed this season, but in comparison with Bournemouth they have failed miserably.

I was extremely disappointed when Gary Megson was sacked as Sheffield Wednesday manager, probably because he wanted more funds to buy decent players and clashed with Milan Mandaric over this.   I remember Nigel Pearson leaving Leicester City and then coming back as soon as Milan had gone, I suspect the same could happen at Hillsborough with Megson.

Megson did great at West Bromwich Albion and being 100% an Owl, I thing he would be the best person to manage Wednesday in the short and long term.

I don’t think that Dejphon Chansiri will be long in making this important decision or Sheffield Wednesday march to the Premier division will be halted.

Watch this space about the future of the Sheffield Wednesday manager.

All the best




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