Dinnington Victoria St and Lordens Hill allotments

I have recently moved into a house on Victoria St Dinnington and was concerned about the land behind where I lived.  I have been in contact with Dinnington Town council and Rotherham borough council, to see what they could do to help clean up the area.  Originally I thought the disused allotments belonged to Dinnington Town council, but it appears that the allotments were sold on to the allotments users by the council many years ago and are in private hands.

Dinnington allotments Victoria St and Lordens Hill Rd
Dinnington allotments Victoria St and Lordens Hill Rd

Rotherham borough council have been in contact with the owners of the plots, to get them to fence off and remove rubbish from the sites, this is slowly starting to happen.

I can imagine that the original allotment owners have passed on and have passed these plots of land down to family, who aren’t actively using them like their older family.

Since my last blog on the site one of the allotment owners got into touch with me, and has been in contact with David Smith the local independent councillor about getting assistance.  It is no good the land owners getting their land into a fit state if people carrying on vandalising and dumping on these sites.

One of the allotments has now been turned over and a mound erected around the edge of the site.  There are about 4 large allotments in total, there is also an area of land that used to house horses that has become derelict, which I won’t go into at the moment.  There is also a scrap yard behind the back of Chris Parker’s Martial arts centre.

It has been requested that all allotment owners and anybody interested in the allotments attend the next Town council meeting on the 18th May.  It is hoped that the 4 allotment sites will be turned into a community allotment or garden.

I understand that there have been people buying land up in the hope that properties will be built on the site, but this won’t be possible because the main sewage and other pipes for Dinnington go directly under the allotment sites.

I will post more information after the Town council meeting on the 18th of May and as the allotment owners bring their land back into use.  I understand from Brian Lewis a new Town councillor, that they hope to fence off these allotments, to stop dumping.   Brian hopes that fencing that exists around a piece of land across from the Dinnington Infants and Junior school, that will eventually have housing built on it will be used for this purpose.

Please get in contact if you can add further information about the old allotment site or I can assist you further.

All the best


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