Global warming scam

I thought I ought to get this post out in print, before the next major El Nino.  The last El Nino caused significant cooling in the UK, in the 2010 winter.    We had one of the coldest winters in many years, with average temperatures of -1 degrees c in December.  I remember us getting 1.5 feet of snow in Sheffield, the highest levels I can remember since my child hood of the 1960’s.

Firefox 8 log burner
Firefox 8 log burner

Back in 2006 I was working for a Carbon management company in Sheffield and believed in man made global warming.   After watching a video on the alternate view on climate change, I started to realise that man wasn’t driving warming of the earth, but it was a natural occurrence over 100’s if not 1000’s of years, driven by the sun and other factors.

What ever happened to Al Gores hockey stick theory, Al Gore is the biggest hypocrite out there in my opinion.  There are too many worthless jobs created by the Climate change lobby, that do more damage to the economy than good.  I am all for reducing dangerous emissions of chemicals in manufacturing but Co2 is a red herring and isn’t causing a warming of the earth, as some would like us to believe.

The Carbon Management scam is all about tax revenues and huge profits to organisations who are part of this regulation industry, offering no benefit to the rest of us, other than poverty and more rules and regulations.   The Carbon Management company I used to work for, made huge profits paid for by our government.  I left because I have a conscious and couldn’t pedal false facts.  F.e.a.r, False Evidence Appearing Real.

You can see a graph here for the world temperatures  We are about 0.07 degrees above the average for the last 30 years, nothing to be concerned about.

The UK was actually warmer back in the times of the Romans and medieval times,  we had massive cooling in the Little ice age when there was no sun spot activity and the Thames used to freeze over.   We did peak back in 1998 and since that time the world hasn’t warmed and we are now moving back into a down ward spiral of colder winters for the next 30/40 years.

My biggest concern is that all the focus is on man making the world warmer, but we have no plan in place for colder temperatures and reduced crop production in Northern Europe.

Over the last year we had a large eruption in an Icelandic volcano, not as eye cashing as the one that pumped out a massive plumb of smoke, but more significant that it will cause cooling of Northern Europe, we are already seeing this, as the weather has been much cooler in the UK during April and May, other than for the odd warm day.

Fuel prices in the UK have gone through the roof and I decided to install a log burner to reduce my fuel costs, so that I won’t be effected by fuel poverty.  The good thing about burning wood, is that it is a carbon neutral method.   At this moment in time I am collecting a large store of wood, in the event of a significant cool winter as in 2010.

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